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Italian Catering

The fil rouge of your wedding

Italian Catering of great quality!

I personally accompany the couple in the creation of the Mise en Place, from the choice of fabrics for tablecloths, to the selection of glasses and dishes suited to the theme of marriage.
From the Calici to the flowers that will decorate the table, everything will have to recreate the fil rouge of your wedding, releasing emotions and sensations.

TIn our beautiful country, the cuisine is a strong point, the many culinary diversities linked to our wonderful regions, are the apotheosis for an unforgettable reception.
Many italian caterers selected, where the quality of the raw materials used and the mastery in the preparations are a guarantee.
The choice of this supplier is certainly important, first of all for the gastronomic framework that you intend to give to your wedding, whether classic of the territory or more sought after with modern influences.

IWell understand that based on the menu you choose, in addition to be representative of your being and your tastes, will be decisive in the choice of what remains, i’ll go to explain.
If you choose a menù created by illustrious chef with dishes revisited in a modern way, the choice of mise en place is essential, same il you want to choose a classic menù, more rustic, the set up should be less informal
In short, as you have understood, it is a decision that must be carefully considered! On the other hand, I am here for this!

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