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Floral designer

Shine on your wedding day

My role is also this, create , compose, design your floral sceneries, very important to give shape to the wedding that you have always wanted.

I love to invent and imagine the perfect set-up, perfect for the couple, perfect to express the personality of the couple.

I’m a Floral Designer and this is the magic part of my work, from a survey, from a sketch on paper and listening to the stories and the wishes of the future bride & groom, many ideas and many experiments are born.

You will be spoilt for choice, because the flower you choose will represent your wedding, your person, your soul.

pring, summer and autumn and winter wonderfully, offer flowers and seasonal fruits with many colors and many shapes.

The leitmotif of your wedding will be decisive, a theme, a reference, which will also develop through the flowers for each setting, from the place of celebration to the reception, in the bouquet of the bride that will create a stylistic correlation with the wedding dress.
For this reason the role of the floral designer is very important

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