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Wedding Stationery

Reflects the style of the event

Communicate the story you have decided to tell

Wedding Stationery is the term to define all the paper elements that characterize a wedding.
The importance of these details is indisputable because they serve above all to “communicate” with the guests, to gracefully express the style and theme you have chosen for the wedding, maintaining consistency and homogeneity in the various stages of the event.

In fact, it communicates the story you’ve decided to tell through colors, materials, mood and illustrations.

The more customization and care you took in creating your wedding suite, the greater the feeling that it will speak of you, your love, your passions and your choices.

The elements that make up a typical Wedding Stationery are: the invitations, the booklet for the ceremony, the seating plan, the menu, the tags of the wedding favors and thank you cards.

Basic is the design of the Wedding Stationery, should reflect the style of the Event so as to make harmonious and consistent all the graphics / paper visible to the eyes of the guests.
Customizing is the must, starting from the type of paper, the choice of color, graphics and language used, whether formal or informal and to give space for creativity, creating a logo or an illustration of the Wedding, to be reproduced on the boxes for the favors or place cards.

Violet Events is a graphic designer and a wedding stationery designer, tell me how you would like your wedding to be…

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