Via Giuseppe Verdi n.47 - Mirandola (MO)

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Wedding Planner? Absolutely yes!

Pleased to meet you, I’m Veronica, your Wedding Planner!

Pleased to meet you, I’m Veronica, your Wedding Planner!

My training is an economist, I worked for five years as a fiscalist in a tax study in Modena.
Surely my creative nature has prevailed , turning me for 15 years into an entrepreneur of the fashion system, initially as owner of two fashion clothing boutiques and later as Event Manager for renowned Italian brands.

I wanted to create a working space where to free my art, my creativity, where to design and organize magnificent events, from this path Violet Events Wedding was born.

I’m a sunny and sociable person, enchanted by the beauty that surrounds Emilia Romagna and Italy

My background led me to specialize in the wedding industry, certainly for my character.

The role of the wedding planner, in my opinion, is not just a job, is an attitude to fully satisfy her client, to see that happiness printed on the face, in this case “my kids” my newlyweds, for them I want the best, for them I fight and beat my fists and for them I create the fantastic world, that at least for a day they have always wanted!


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