Via Giuseppe Verdi n.47 - Mirandola (MO)

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The Tree House

The Tree House

From a need born to comply with the anti-Covid 19 regulations, with the intention of creating very intimate weddings, in contact with nature, with the bride and groom, witnesses and parents, a Green project took shape that I am particularly fond of.

In search of something unique, I had the pleasure of entering into a partnership with an unrivalled location.
The Tree House is a real loft on centuries-old trees, a wooden house equipped with every service to welcome the couple, a nest for two lovers, a cuddle in a protected environment, immersed in a green forest in the Italian mountains.

The Tree House is also one of our most popular proposals, a project I firmly believe in, for more ideas visit this page.
In this context it is possible to create small weddings, as it is possible to recreate the necessary settings for the celebration of the Rite and also for the Wedding Reception, with the peculiarity of being surrounded by unspoilt nature, wrapped in a single colour, the green of the trees.

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