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Sophisticated and Elegant Wedding

Sophisticate and Elegant Wedding

Sophisticated and Elegant Wedding

Enrico and Laura’s Sophisticated and Elegant Wedding

The word Beauty is the leitmotif of this wedding, from the research of the participation in its materials and wax details, to the choice of the Bride and Groom looks, rigorously tailored, to the choice of the Duomo of Modena, up to the location of the wedding reception, a marvellous Villa Bolognese where a starred catering is in force.

At the welcome in the Villa, guests were greeted by glasses of champagne and delighted with seafood cruditΓ©s.

The dinner service as well as the mise en place organised, reflected the elegance of past manners, where the guest is first and foremost the guest, with every care and attention reserved for him.

It was probably one of the most beautiful weddings of the 2023 season, to which I remain particularly attached, for you to judge…

Ah ..I forgot…for the arrangements I designed purity and elegance, white hydrangeas and white orchids everywhere! πŸ˜‰


Destination Wedding in Tuscany

Destination Wedding in Tuscany

Destination Wedding in Tuscany

Destination Wedding in Tuscany.

Imagine your wedding on the green hills of Tuscany with a breathtaking view, in a Castle resort, skilfully restored and recovered, immersed in hectares of uncontaminated woodland. Woods inhabited by roe deer and wild boar, magical places where time seems to stand still.

Medieval villages brought to light after centuries of history, true masterpieces, rich in Art and Tradition.

Getting married in a Medieval Castle in total exclusivity is the dream of many brides, an enchanted place to get married, an ideal location for sophisticated weddings and high-profile events, where your guests will be fascinated by the beauty of the walls and the surrounding nature.

For Your Destination WeddingΒ  in Tuscany

Violet Events _ 𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒕 𝒄𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒕𝒐𝒓_Veronica Brina –


Getting Married at Lake Garda

Getting Married at Lake Garda

Getting Married at Lake Garda

Also for Lake Garda, I have selected fabulous locations with different price ranges and services for every need. In these villas it is possible to celebrate the Legal Rite in total privacy and exclusivity in the presence of the competent authority, continuing the celebrations with a wedding banquet catered by selected caterers and ending the Wedding Day with music and dancing.

Each property guarantees a sufficient number of suites to accommodate at least 10/15 guests, with breakfast service included, domestic staff and chef at your complete disposal. Each villa has an outdoor or indoor swimming pool, and it is possible to organise excursions to the city centre or boat trips on the lake, as well as tastings in nearby wine cellars.

Each wedding is planned exclusively according to your requests and availability, comparing quotes and suppliers, in order to fulfil your wedding dream.

For other proposals in Emilia Romagna, near Garda Lake, click here

Violet Events _ event creator_Veronica Brina –

The setting of this shooting is Lake Garda, I wanted to convey purity, refinement, elegance in shapes and scenery, an endless line between sky and water, as bound in a temporal limbo , where the only protagonists were her & him, away from any interference, from any distraction.

The choice of colors and clothes, is the mood of this shooting, the predominant colors are red and the color water, the color sky.

β€œThat he and she may be reflected in the water and mirrored remain enchanted by so much beauty, that fills every look, that fills the soul, she like a mermaid in powder-colored lace and crystal embroidery, with fiery red lips and coral flowers to enhance the nature, he as a gentleman of another time, with a sartorial broken dress, in linen and cotton, red jacquard jacket and formal white trousers.

That refinement in details and colors can satisfy your senses”

Veronica _Violet Events Wedding_


The Tree House

The Tree House

The Tree House

From a need born to comply with the anti-Covid 19 regulations, with the intention of creating very intimate weddings, in contact with nature, with the bride and groom, witnesses and parents, a Green project took shape that I am particularly fond of.

In search of something unique, I had the pleasure of entering into a partnership with an unrivalled location.
The Tree House is a real loft on centuries-old trees, a wooden house equipped with every service to welcome the couple, a nest for two lovers, a cuddle in a protected environment, immersed in a green forest in the Italian mountains.

The Tree House is also one of our most popular proposals, a project I firmly believe in, for more ideas visit this page.
In this context it is possible to create small weddings, as it is possible to recreate the necessary settings for the celebration of the Rite and also for the Wedding Reception, with the peculiarity of being surrounded by unspoilt nature, wrapped in a single colour, the green of the trees.

Violet Events _ 𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒕 𝒄𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒕𝒐𝒓_Veronica Brina-

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